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A Woman of Might

BVMA Sermon by S. Bernard for the
Octave Day of the Assumption

Whom but Mary did Solomon search after, when he said: ‘ Who can find a Woman of might? Of a truth, the wise man knew the weakness of womankind, the frailness of their bodies, the inconstancy of their minds. Yet, because he had read, and because it seemed fitting, that he, who had overcome through the woman, by the woman should himself be overcome, he burst out into exceeding wonder, and exclaimed: ‘Who can find a Woman of Might?’  (more…)


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Assumption BVMA sermon of S. Bernard for the
Assumption of Our Lady

To-day, the Virgin Mother mounted up glorious into the Heavens, and, doubtless, abundantly increased the joy of the citizens on high. For this is she, the voice of whose salutation makes even them to leap for joy, who still are enclosed within their mother’s womb. But, if the heart of a little one not yet born was melted at the sound of Mary’s voice, what, think ye, must have been the exulting joy of the inhabitants of Heaven, when it was their reward both to hear her voice, and to see her face, and to enjoy her blessed presence.  (more…)

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