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The second in the series on S. Clement’s Vestments will deal with the All Saints’ White High Mass Set, one of the 2 original white High Mass Sets. This set was made by the All Saints Sisters at their Convent in Orange Grove, Maryland. The embroidery is of the most exquisite workmanship and design, but as peculiar to the time in which it was made, the colours are all very light and delicate. These Vestments are most beautiful when viewed close by, but when observed from the pews during Mas the embroidery becomes very indistinct. The author of this article found these Vestments still in use then he arrived in the Parish in the early 1970’s. Unfortunately the silk body fabric had deteriorated so badly that it had split in many areas and should not have been worn in such disrepair. (more…)


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This is the beginning of a series of articles on Vestments at S Clement’s, Philadelphia. Mass Vestments have been used here since the 1860’s. The Parish is still using today some of the same Vestments that were used in the very first Solemn Masses; it is likely these Masses were first offered on such days as Christmas and Easter. Of the two original white Mass sets, one remains, which will be described in a later article. We begin, however, with perhaps the most beautiful and most effective set of older vestments in Violet. (more…)

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