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Christ the King

Christ the King[Sermon preached by the Father Rector, in S. Clements Church, on the Feast of Christ the King, 1935.]

While the Feast of Christ the King is one of recent origin, yet it commends itself to the devotion of all Christian people. Other feasts of the Church Kalendar are more or less coloured by doctrine, and so hinder unity of observance. But all who call themselves Christians, whether they know Christ as God, or as the best man that ever lived, are ready to acknowledge him as King, and worship him as Lord. We are all grieved by the unhappy divisions that separate Christians, and know that the coming of Christ’s Kingdom on earth is hindered by the differences that divide us into Protestant and Catholic. So such a Feast as this, where all can meet, should be welcomed, and made the occasion for Christians everywhere to acknowledge the sovereignty of Jesus in their lives, and to pledge themselves to extend his reign upon the earth. (more…)


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Corde in Coelo

Our Lady of the RosaryOctober 7 is the anniversary of the glorious victory won in 1571 by the Christian forces over the Turkish fleet at Lepanto. This triumph of the Cross over the Crescent was universally attributed to the powerful intercession of the Mother of God, whom Pope Pius V fervently invoked with her Rosary in his hand, and to whom the prayers of all Christendom were addressed. Two years after this great favour had been obtained Gregory XIII instituted an annual feast of thanksgiving to be celebrated on the First Sunday of October in all churches where an altar sub invocatione beatae Virginis Rosarii had been erected. From being a local festival this celebration gradually spread and became general, until Leo XIII, ever zealous in devotion to the Rosary, raise it to the rank of a double of the second class for the while Church. (more…)

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From the Archives

Rev. Franklin Joiner

The Rev. Franklin Joiner

As Summer ends and the usual round of Parish activities returns to S. Clement’s, it may be instructive to glance at a letter which Franklin Joiner wrote in the S. Clement’s Quarterly in the Autumn of 1938. (more…)

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